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Drug & Alcohol Test

We are fully RISQS Accredited and able to undertake testing for various industries.

Drug and Alcohol related problems are responsible for millions of lost work days per year, they are also involved in up to 60% of all fatal work-related accidents. Drug and Alcohol use can create huge challenges not only impacting on the workplace, but communities, families and individuals.

These days, employers have to face these challenges every working day – often making difficult decisions that will affect the health and well-being of those in their employment. Drug and Alcohol testing in the workplace can be a daunting prospect for any business – that is why we offers simple, accurate and reliable advice to help you implement or maintain your Drug and Alcohol policy.

It’s essential that companies have the right Drug and Alcohol policy in place for their business – and that it is communicated effectively throughout the workforce. Employers are breaking the law if they are aware of drug and/or drink-related activities in the workplace and fail to act. They also have a duty of care to protect staff from the mistakes of other employees acting under the influence of Drugs and/or Alcohol.


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Solar House Alpine Way London Industrial Park, Beckton, E6 6LA

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